Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 2

Well remember how I said I may resort to my cell phone for a picture? Sad to say I had to do that today. It wasn't because I forgot my camera but because both of them had dead batteries. To top it off I had to use Scotty's phone because mine was almost dead too. Guess it is proof that I slack on the whole plugging electronics in to be charged thing.

Anyway, Day 2 is at the end of our driveway. We were leaving, so you can see the hood of the truck. It looked like a sunny spring day today, but it didn't feel like it, still too cold for me. I am so ready for summer!


  1. OMG...there is a sign just like that one not far from where I live lmao
    Hey thats not a bad pic at all...even with a phone you are good at this...
    Looks like you live in the countryside,
    so if the town isnt too far must be idyllic... I love the open country.
    Cya tomorrow lol

  2. thanks Cuddz, no town nearby, way out in the country. lol, we have lived there for 15 years and just got the road sign put up this past summer. that's too funny tho that you have a road there w/ the same name ;)