Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 1- New Years

1:30 am, and i decided to get my pic out of the way for the first day. yeah yeah, it ain't much. but it was the first thing i saw when i turned on my camera. it is a plastic frog that i had left sitting on my drawing tablet. i don't even know how it made it's way to my desk but there he sits. lol, you can see how cluttered my desk is too, toys, scrap booking things, bills, scraps of paper with odd notes jotted down... i promise to actually put a little effort into most pictures but when i get lazy this is the type of thing you'll see ;)


  1. What a cute pic to start this venture,
    I am so looking forward to seeing what you some up with,

  2. I love that frog! Very cool.

  3. lol, thanks y'all. it is mediocre for a first picture post but hey ;)